The right knowledge at the right time saves time and money!


Biotech, Pharma & Device Consulting encompasses the diverse areas of technical expertise that we have available for partnership.  Our mantra is, “The right knowledge at the right time will save time and money”.  So often, the focus is to save money, this is usually a short-term focus and the work is easily focused on the overall project timeline without the experience or true understanding of those things that will cost the project time.  In the end, the largest financial impact to a company is the time it took to get the project completed.  Knowing what is absolutely necessary to complete a project right the first time and ultimately save the company precious time is the specialty of this firm.  We don’t just provide technical know-how, we provide the proper technical assessment that is project timing dependent so that the time to market is realized and ultimately gained to the top line of the business.

Biotech, Pharma & Device Consulting is a consulting business that functions within a network of other senior subject matter experts.  The level of accumulated expertise and technical knowledge spans all aspects, dosage forms and facets of the biologics, pharmaceutical and medical device industries and exceeds 100 years of knowledge and experience.